Our landlord met us in San Isidro de General and drove us to his house.  It is a slow route mainly due to gravel roads and a fair number of potholes.  I don’t see myself driving any time soon!  The road is very hilly so my saddle bags will sure get a workout.  I imagine we will both trim down a bit and strengthen our lung capacity walking around here.  

Yea! We are in the house which is just as awesome as the pictures. The owner, Billy, sat down with us to go over all the details. He’s taking us back to San Isidro de General tomorrow to have a quick car repair and to finalize the sale of his 2002 Toyota 4 Runner with 68,000 miles. We have to visit his lawyer and insurance agent to have everything legal and be protected. Then we are on our own to get groceries, a few supplies, and drive ourselves back home.  

Here is a link to the owner’s pictures as he has the house up for sale.  He will not sell for the year we are here.  The townspeople, 250 population, are eager to meet us and incorporate us into their community.  

Jack and Lucy are finally released from the bathroom and are snooping around. When I let them out they were both hiding on a shelf not sure what was going on. Lucy hid under her pad in the carrier when we got to the airport yesterday and did it again today during the hour long bumpy ride to the house. Poor little thing.

Bill feels this is an ideal mix of remoteness and modern conveniences.  We have high speed Internet, satellite TV, professional kitchen, etc. on eleven acres with a stream rushing below the house.  Somewhere there’s a great waterfall.