We slept in the house last night. Lucy ended up between us and Jack slept on Bill’s pillow. Since we went to bed really early we were up about quarter after five. The second bedroom is a loft with a very steep steps. The cats are making it into their condo. Jack is adjusting ok but there are too many new noises for Lucy. The gushing river is constant white noise. She isn’t fond of new cat food so that adds to her transition woes.

Today our landlord picked us up and took us into the big city an hour away. The distance isn’t far but since the roads are so rough going is very slow. We bought his car which meant going to his lawyer and an insurance agent, each twice, to get all the paperwork done. His car also needed a minor repair. Once all that was done, about six hours later, we finally got some groceries and other supplies. Of course, by then it pouring rain. During all that we met his vet who speaks English and seems wonderful. We also ran into some people who run a nearby retreat who speak English.

Billy, our landlord, is setting up a community gathering for Saturday when we can meet more of his neighbors. The ones we have briefly met seem really nice and some speak English.

Perhaps Friday we will have time to get to the waterfall. It is Bill’s birthday so whatever he wants to do……