This morning a neighbor stopped by to talk to us about taking care of the yard which was arranged by our landlord.  We will pay him four dollars an hour to keep the land in good condition.  We also will pay for the gasoline and weed whacker string.  Every two weeks he will come by.  He also explained to us about the orange and grapefruit trees we have.  The ground is very wet so he’s going to talk to the landlord about digging a trench to divert the water.  There is a word for something that is wet, such as grass, and another word for ground that is wet.  I’ve already forgotten the latter!  So much to learn….

He has ripe oranges so offered to bring us some which he did while we were out for a walk up the road. On the way back we met him coming up the road on horseback with another neighbor we hadn’t yet met.  He said he had left the oranges for us by the porton (gate).   Well, in the bag were also some bananas.  Though a bit green the bananas were good to eat.  The oranges gave a lot of juice but weren’t as sweet as some might like.   I thought it was fine.  The grapefruit also provide a lot of juice but are not at all sweet.  Bill added sugar to his juice which he much preferred.

In the middle of the afternoon the Internet went out.  A call to an American who was instrumental in getting us the Internet relayed to our house just recently got in touch with the guy in San Jose who oversees our community.  He said it had to be something electrical at the guy’s house who is the relay point between us.  So, the American sent up another neighbor to check the intermediary point.  A while later we got a call……you will never guess what had happened.  A cow had flipped the switch!  The switch will have to be raised so we don’t have to kill the cow!  A lot of phone calls and help from someone we haven’t even met yet.