Cafe Bambu in San Gerardo de Rivas is the place to connect on Sunday mornings.  A few locals are selling goods – specialty chocolate, bread, fresh eggs, Swiss cheese locally produced, etc.  When we arrived we saw Tom Gode who is the executive director of the Cloudbridge Preserve.   We had met him two years ago by chance when returning from a hike in the cloud forest.  He kindly invited us to join him at a table for coffee.  Another American couple made it a fivesome.  Chris and Jeanne are in our age bracket but are still running a company making wood frames for fly fishing nets.  They are US based but the wood is local.  Then along came another couple whose house we had wanted to rent but was not available for a long enough period of time.  They are having Internet issues so it’s just as well.  Just we rose to leave to do errands in the big city another American woman joined the group.  Before driving down the road we purchased a round of the cheese and a small bit of very expensive chocolate.   The latter was good but not worth the high price.  

San Isidro de General, AKA Perez Zeledon, is much quieter on Sunday with little traffic and most stores closed.  We did manage to buy a coffee maker but coffee bean grinders are impossible to find.  Luferz is a grocery store with a small section of items found in the States.  We bought some chicken which Bill cooked for dinner – very fresh.  I found a bottle of Chilean wine I liked for eight dollars.  We left the eight dollar pint of HagenDaz in the freezer!  A very ripe papaya was less than a dollar and will be dessert.

While shopping a very loud thunderstorm rolled by overhead knocking out electricity for a short while.  We were able to get some hamburgers while waiting out the worst of it.  They were $4.60 each on enormous buns.