With a feria being held in a nearby village of Canaan, the American expats met there instead.  Numerous vendors filled in around the perimeter selling vegetables, bread, chocolate, cheese, crafts, coffee, etc.  Some women studying dance from India performed.  Outside adult soccer teams competed.  Tom, the director of the Cloudbridge reserve, informed us of the many pit vipers to avoid as well as the attractive fuzzy caterpillars.  Oh, boy.  There is one black snake which is okay.

We bought four cinnamon rolls for about three dollars, a large round sourdough whole grain bread for five dollars, nine eggs for about twenty cents each, two small breads for two dollars each, and a large round of goat cheese for seven dollars.  The eggs are sold by a woman in our village who will come around on her ATV once a week to the houses.  She is also the one who will sell gasoline.  The small breads were fresh out of the oven by a young New Yorker who is well known for his fresh pasta.  Since he didn’t have any with him he kindly let us drive him to his house about five minutes away to get some out of his freezer.  We bought a large container of meatball ravioli and a smaller amount of ricotta ravioli.  Turns out he also imports ingredients he needs in bulk including real vanilla extract, since only the nasty fake stuff can be had here, as well as coconut oil. He sold us some of those as well.  The young woman selling the goat cheese is affiliated with a very upscale restaurant here who makes their own cheese as they couldn’t buy anything worthwhile in the country.  They also sell feta and Camembert which we will try another time.

This afternoon I called Karol who speaks a fair amount of Engish and gives Spanish lessons.  Our first sessions, separate, will be Friday afternoon.  She gives them at Cafe Bambu in San Gerardo.

I paid our yard man today about twenty-four dollars for four and a half hours of work, gasoline, and weed whacker string.  I got to meet his wife and fourteen year old daughter.  The girl speaks a bit of English so we joked that I need to speak Spanish to her, and she should speak English to me.