This afternoon worked the upper part of my body.  Phew!  To determine just how awful the walk up the mountain road is from the center of our village we took our morning walk down into the center and back home.  Going down took about twenty minutes, and though a bit warm by 9:30, wasn’t too bad.  We did get to see a motmot again.  Part way down a young mother and daughter we repairing the side of the road to improve water drainage.

We chose to bear right when we got to town to see that part better.  Over the bridge to the church we went.  To the right is a small building where children get free breakfast at about seven and an early lunch around ten Monday through Friday.  We continued on that part of the loop which took us behind the church.  Here is a view of town from there, taken by Bill.  A bit further down is the house where a German woman and her American husband live which is next door to Yeti who sells fresh eggs.  I knew Yeti is involved with a women’s group so asked her about it.  She invited me to a meeting this afternoon about four.  One member is supposed to speak English well.  We purchased six eggs for 500 colones, about 17 cents per egg.

We continued on down the road and then took a left over the other bridge to loop back to the center.  It was getting mighty hot by then!  In the community center we could see men working on meat so went in to watch.  They had butchered a young cow, whose skin was back by the first bridge, and were cutting the meat into chunks for this weekend’s fair.   Off to the side was another group of people peeling arracache, a root vegetable.

Five hot sweaty hills later, the last one calling for two shade breaks, we were back home.  It took us twice as long to get home but certainly doable.  On the way we passed a little old gentleman carrying his umbrella who didn’t need to rest so he was our inspiration to continue.  This was not a butt buster, though the next segment sure taxed my brain!

Feeling brave and expecting one English speaking person to take me under her wing, Bill drove me back to town for the Women’s Club meeting at four.  They must have known I was apt to show up as when they saw me in the truck from their little room at the side of the school, they motioned me to join them.  Well, there were five pleasant women who presented themselves after I introduced myself and no one spoke English or had names I could pronounce!  I asked about Yeti but they did not know when she would arrive.  Kindly, they started asking me what I wanted to learn and who knows what else.  Talk about a step outside one’s comfort zone….Most of the time I had no idea what they were asking or telling me.  I did figure out one woman was the wife of a man we have met on horseback going past the house most days.  She may have invited me to her house to learn to make bread and have coffee, but I am not sure….In the community center they said there were some girls washing the banana leaves for the tamales they will make to tomorrow and did invite me to attend early tomorrow morning to learn the process of tamale making.  Mothers Day is the middle of August and the group did discuss getting together that day for coffee and rolls.  I know I am invited to that.

About four thirty they told me it had been a pleasure and we disbanded.  I headed across the road to the community center to see what was going on with the banana leaves, glad to get away from the pressure of expectation to know more of a language I do not and not having the comfort of an English speaker….  In the kitchen were women boiling the beef from this morning’s butchering.   They shared a small cup of agua dulce which is a heated beverage of water and brown sugar.  Sweeeeeeeeet!!!!!

While hanging and waiting for Bill to retrieve me these kind young men came over to introduce themselves because they speak English!!!!  It turns out they are cousins and live just back down the road a bit from my house.  Back in the nineties they had spent six years living and working in New Jersey.  Such a relief to speak with someone and know what they are saying!  Good thing we have our first Spanish lesson tomorrow!

When Bill arrived I introduced him to Favio and Eliano? and invited him to join me in the morning for tamale making….