Friday night there was a bat swooping through the living room.  After shutting the cats in the bathroom and opening the large windows, we tried to guide her to the window using the owner’s painting of a nude female torso.  It kept fluttering around going through the kitchen to the reading room and back around to the living room until finally it exited the window.

On Saturday, we met Blaine, a local carpenter who speaks English pretty well.  We mentioned the bat problem to him, and he agreed to come out in the morning to look for entry points.  Well, he gets up on the roof and says the whole area under the corrugated roof is open!  I told him the owner had bat problems before so took out the ceiling in the loft to deter them from nesting.  He stuffed newspaper and sprayed some insulation under the roof but apparently that wasn’t working.  Blaine offered to get something to seal off the roof and cover the chimney while we were in San Jose Monday and Tuesday.

Last night we were watching TV when another bat came flying through!  We finally got that one when I used the painting again and trapped it on the floor.  Using a thin flexible cutting board we were able to contain it to release it outside.  I climbed up to the loft and there were a few more huddled in a corner under the roof!  Yikes!  Using a few different methods we exited about ten more bats before going to bed about eleven-thirty.  As we could still see a few more up in the peak hiding behind boards, we had to come up with a way to trap them so we could get some sleep and not worry about them.  Tacking a large sheet in place over the entry and taking down the stairs which aren’t fixed, Bill was able to basically enclose the loft.  

This morning Bill checked up there and could see three hiding so tonight the saga continues….