While at Cafe Bambú yesterday we had the good fortune to meet Genevieve Giddy who, along with her dearly departed husband, began Cloudbridge Reserve with the primary goal being reforestation of the poor farm land.  She had already been told of Bill’s offer and ability to photograph for them and referred to him as their professional photographer!  He had set up a Flickr account so that his photos of Cloudbridge can be accessed and used as needed.  Later that afternoon he had an email from her inviting us for coffee at her new casita the next time we would be up there.  We ended up with a date for this morning!

I feel as though I have met her before.  She reminds Bill of my Aunt Claudia, and I see a bit of Julia Child which may be partly due to her South African accent.  Her house is very interesting in that there is a small sitting area which opens widely to her massive bedroom through glass walls with sliding doors.  Just off the head of the bed is her small bathroom and just off to the other side is her tiny kitchen.  So, one has to access her bedroom to help her in the kitchen!  The large bed is surrounded by mosquito netting.  The bathroom has a back door which opens onto a side porch so that her boyfriend can open it while showering and feel he has an outdoor shower.  There is also a work sink there on the porch which wraps around the front of the house.  While seated there on can view old cypress trees and the forest on the other side of the river.

Hot milk and honey were offered to add to our coffee which was actually quite yummy!

After a bit of getting to know each other she asked to accompany us on our walk which we took down by the river so that we wouldn’t have to endure the steep hill to the rest of the reserve.  She led the way to falls named after her.  Here she and Bill are chatting.



There were some intriguing blue insects swarming around a mossy log.

Further on were other falls which she thinks are the prettiest.


When we returned to the base she kindly invited us for lunch!  Saying we felt we were imposing she claimed she had cold salmon leftover from and dinner and would have to throw it away as she was going grocery shopping tomorrow.  I helped make the salad while she did other preparations.  We both carried in the food items and Bill and I set the table.


It was all good.  I also enjoyed the refreshing water which had a section of lime in it.  During lunch I felt very honored when she offered her house to us to rent should we want to stay on if Billy reclaims his house next summer.  We will be seeing her again and share more walks.  As she and her former husband created all this, she certainly knows her stuff!