While talking with our bilingual friend, Blaine, we found out that there are actually three bridges up our road.  What I thought was the end leading to a farm and private property was not even close to the end.  So, this morning we set off to explore.

Not far up the way we could hear parrots in the trees above us. This is a short clip which isn’t very good.

On the way, before the first bridge, a very kind man in our age bracket, stopped his truck to chat.  We had met him once before.  He loves to laugh and has such a positive teasing manner about him.  He is the father of the boys who sell fruit and vegetables on Saturday from their truck.  We kept missing them so I took this chance to get more information.  Turns out the boys were just up ahead, the second house on the left.  We chatted a bit more, all in Spanish, and then he drove on.  When we got to his house he stopped us, introduced us to his wife, showed us a chayote vine and even asked us how to say it in English (it’s a kind of squash), and then said the boys were just up the road and we could talk with them.

Adrian was washing his truck, and as he set down the hose he placed a leaf over a small hole so it wouldn’t spray me.  I asked him about stopping at our house on Saturday so we can buy some of his produce.  He suggested we give him a list so he will be sure to have what we want.  Here I am….



Turns out he owns those cute pigs shown in an earlier blog.  As he was letting us visit them we remembered we wanted to also order bananas.  Well, he opened a gate and gave us several ripe ones as a regalo.  This is his stash!



We continued on past the first bridge and decided to each eat a fresh banana – good!  Not really wanting to carry them all the  way we set them down on a rock.  The second bridge wasn’t too much further.  The river there is really “gorge”ous!


It’s really quite a deep drop.  This video gives a better idea.

On up the road a piece was the third bridge.  We traversed it and went up a bit to see if there were a magical kingdom but the road just got really steep.


So we headed back down.


And crossed those same bridges.  On the way we saw a free little bull that was there before, but this time I noticed he was wearing his heart on his forehead.



The way home seemed so much faster.  Adrian and his partner gave us big smiles and waves as they passed us in their truck, and just before we got back to the house we met one of English speaking neighbors we met at the fèria food preparation.  When I didn’t understand the Spanish he kindly switched to English.  Turns out he owns property up past the third bridge.  There’s a rock there where people like to take pictures. Something to look for next time…..