The alarm went off early, about 4:45 (the time I used to get up for the past few school years), in order to meet Bob and Linda for a birding adventure at Los Cusingos.  Along the way we picked up David, a young local man who speaks English pretty well.  By seven o’clock we arrived at the Cusingos Bird Refuge which was purchased by Alexander Skutch in 1941.  The nonprofit organization CCT (Tropical Science Center) bought his land in 1993 with the main objective being preservation of his bird sanctuary.  Dr. Skutch wrote over thirty books and hundreds of articles in his house where he lived for more than sixty years.  He was born in MD but went to Costa Rica many times to collect plants and decided to stay.  He died here one week before his hundredth birthday!

Cusingos is another name for the fiery-billed aracari.   We didn’t get to see any there but have seen them in previous trips to this country.


Here are pictures Bill took:


These trees set roots and new ones grow in the sunshine.  In effect, the trees “walk”  as they grow looking for light.  As you can tell, some roots are quite tall!



These have yet to be interpreted.



This handsome trogan was viewed towards the end of our walk.  He is related to the quetzal!


Although no one could get a good picture we also saw a squirrel cuckoo.

There were other birds as well, but these were the coolest.