While Tita was cleaning this morning we decided to walk down past the center of the village and explore an off shoot of our road.  Just this side of the center Bill noticed a dead baby snake!  Yuck!  It was all black so perhaps it is the one that is mildly venomous but eats the fer de lance, extremely poisonous.  Of course, my first thought where is the mother…..and then where is the father…..what about the siblings…..

One side road we took turned out to be just an access road to two houses.  The first had two perros bravos, one of which could get outside the fence and follow us sounding threatening.  When we saw the road went nowhere but to another house with a sign Perro Bravo we turned around.  Of course, the ankle biter type tried to worry us but we went on unscathed.

The next road was somewhat paved so attempted that.  Unbelievably steep!  It really yanked at my saddle bags!  There are a few houses farther up though we didn’t go to the end in case it ended in someone’s yard.  Here are some scenes along the way and back.  That video is of a Dacnis which is pretty common in these parts.


Bill heading back down which shows how steep this road is:



Outside our convenience store:





A clip of a young kid:

Sign at the store endorsing food to help one study….it must work as the literacy rate here is about 95%.  Food for thought…



It seems wherever the master goes the dogs follow….gotta keep the pack together, I guess.



After a rest on the deck and a shower to refresh, we were back on the deck and were visited by a squirrel cuckoo!!!