Headed up the road to revisit the primary growth area and bird watch but continued further up the road to make walking sticks.  They really are handy on the steep walks.  Just at the top of the path to the waterfall are some stands of bamboo.  Bill took the handy machete Billy left in the bodega and got to work.

Since we were there we chose to descend the path to the river to get another look at the waterfall.  This time I avoided ticks but did manage to step on an ant’s nest.   Little critters went crawling up my pant legs but was able to get them off…..except for one who managed to find its way in and bit my calf….   Anyway, we got closer to the pool this time, close enough to feel a bit of spray.  Two small birds flew by and found a perch up higher for a bath.  To the right I noticed the steep rock wall housed many opportunistic ferns.  Always looking for an adventure I wondered about a place from the road to access the top of the waterfall.  So, we climbed back up using our handy walking sticks for the strenuous section at the bottom.  A bit further up the road the ground seemed  flat and not too overgrown.  Bill crept under the barbed wire and foraged ahead to see if we could get to the river.  Yes!  The top!  Up the river is John the Brit’s house.

Bill got as close as he could to the top and held the camera up high to get a view going over.


There is some running grass that really can go a great distance from the roots.

Having decided the huge rock area could make for a pleasant picnic spot sometime we headed back to the road and back down to the primary growth area.  Along the way were some more ferns living life wherever they could.

Back though the primary growth area to the river we saw a squirrel cuckoo fly from tree to tree on the other side.  Here I am next to the seemingly oldest tree near us.  Taken by Bill.


Great place to park our bones for a year (at least).