The next effort on the river was to see if we could get across to view the entire fall.  Without going swimming, we weren’t sure.  Wearing our high rubber boots we walked a bit downstream but every time we did this the areas that seemed shallow were really not.  After several rejected check points we arrived at some rock that seemed passable on the edge but was really slick.  I slipped once but shear will kept me from getting more wet than willing.  I finally had to admit to myself that the dry season would a much wiser time to attempt getting downstream to find a crossing point.  We cautiously turned around to head back upstream.  Seemingly unfortunately Bill soon slipped and ended up with a boot full of water.  Since he was already half wet I encouraged him to find a crossing point that would be safe.  He preferred to wait until we were both wearing sandals before transversing the river, but I thought if he already had one wet foot, why not two.  So, back up by the waterfall he decided to make a go of it.

While he was over there photographing, I was experimenting videographing myself.

He even made it back!

One more bit of practice…

This afternoon Bill did some volunteer work photographing locals renewing their CPR.  It was a good chance for me to review the process as well as practice listening to Spanish, albeit by an American.  I did pick a bit of vocab from the written info.

When we returned to nuestra casa Bill found an email from our agent helping us obtain pensionado residency that we no longer have to leave the country every ninety days!  It could be months before we get our cedulas, but at least we don’t have to leave unless we want to.