Before heading on up the road we waited for Adrian to arrive so we could purchase our weekly fruits and vegetables.  For anyone who is interested here is a three and a half minute video of me having my list filled.

Since we wanted to try to get to the end of our road we decided to drive past the third bridge and park where we saw some good places previously.  We chose a spot just downhill from the trail up to Mt. Chirripó.  Once past the trail and up the road a bit further we did not see any tire tracks but did see a couple of footprints, both human and canine, that had been made today since it had rained last night.  It is a pleasant walk with a cleared mountain ridge to either side once we weren’t in the forest.

After a bit we arrived at what seems to be a community center with only one casita……




Just up from the house are several horses and some cows which turns out to belong to Favio, one of our English speaking neighbors we rarely see.

Not too much further was a garden with corn, beans, and likely squash.  Eventually the road narrowed to a path and about then we heard horses coming up behind us….MarcoNey!  He had an extra horse with him and while resting told us he has a brother up the mountain from there with a beautiful view great for bird watching.  He was on his way to his own farm,  not too much further on.  We let him get going and just a few minutes later we saw him saddling the extra horse and one of his sons and someone other kid were there.   We continued to follow them saying we were looking for the end of the road, which had reappeared, though not for long.

Just another few minutes and there was the end….MarcoNey’s farm is at the end!  We could see another hut with what seemed to be indigenous people standing outside.  The two kids rode one horse up the mountain trail while MarcoNey saddled a horse by the shack while talking with the young couple.

Since we had arrived at the end of the road after forty-five minutes, we turned around and headed back to the car.   We hadn’t gone very far when the young indigenous couple came up behind us and kindly stopped to chat in Spanish.   They continued on, and we got back to the car about thirty minutes from the end of the road/trail.  As it was beginning to sprinkle we were glad to have timed it well.  While we drove back down we eventually came upon the young couple and two dogs and offered them a ride.  The dogs were skeptical so let them run behind.  They were heading to the school so we had time to get to know them a bit.  We exchanged names but can’t say I will remember theirs.  His sounded like Saciliano and hers might be Vir……..something multisyllabic.  I think they live off the trail to the top of Chirripó which is where we heard there are a bunch of natives living.  With an open agenda and the bit of rain we drove past our house and took them into town. One dog was still with us but don’t  know where the other dog went.   They weren’t concerned saying it knew the area.

So now we know what is at the end of the road….