Last night we were invited to Cloudbridge, the local reserve, for a party by the owner who is leaving in a few days.  I made two pizzas from scratch, one cheese and one with onions, sweet red peppers, and green olives.  I even concocted a tomato sauce!  The owner provided wine, two kinds of olives, peanuts in the shell, and various kinds of hummus.  The substitute director fried tortilla pieces to make dip for her homemade chutney, and an intern rustled up his version of gallo pinto.  A local innkeeper provided hard herb cheese and crackers.  All was yummy!

After a while an Indian family arrived.  They just bought 250 acres over an hour away but are staying nearby for a few days.  He just joined the Google team in NJ.  His sister was very excited to talk with us about what we had just done and made me promise never to buy again so that every two years or so we could live in another country to learn a different culture.  Love her thinking!

Early on we saw a pizote pretty far away up in a shrub looking for food.  I mentioned there is some animal that digs in our yard at night, and a local told me it is likely armadillos!  When we got home I checked the yard with the flashlight but nobody was around.


After filling our tummies we watched the movie “The Exotic Marigold Hotel” which was wonderful.  The plot was fitting as it is about retired Englishmen going off to a foreign country to live an adventurous life.  The setting just happened to be India so Raj and his family had that connection.  When it was time to depart the skies had cleared and stars filled the sky.  We didn’t see any meteors, but the owner mentioned this morning that she had.

This morning Café Bambú had two new young chefs trying out.   I had crepes which were heavenly.  They were stuffed with mangoes and had bananas and strawberries on top.


Bill had French toast with fruit on top which he thought needed a syrup.

For dinner tonight we had pork ribs which we bought from Adrian, our fruit and vegetable vendor, who had slaughtered one of his pigs that morning.  Yummy!  Bill served them with plantains fried in coconut oil, grilled potatoes and onions, and a salad.  Scrumptious!