Tuesday we drove to Playa Matapalo about two hours away at the Pacific Ocean.  On the way down the mountain from San Isidro de General to the shore a keel billed toucan suddenly flew in front of the car and landed in a tree!  It was pretty cool!  I had seen a couple here in the wild before about thirty years ago.


The beach provided fishing opportunities, surfing fun, and turtle nesting.


A guy was fishing using just line and some bait.  Saw him catch a small fish he used to lure bigger ones but he didn’t have any luck as we watched.


Here is a video of the ocean, surfing, and a dog burying a stick until Daddy comes along.

We spent two nights at Portasol which is basically a development selling lots.  They have a building with two bungalows sharing a common area they rent as well as private houses they manage and rent when available.  For eighty dollars a night we stayed in a bungalow and breakfast was included.  There is a small pool with water from a spring.  No chemicals are used and after a bit they recycle the water into the stream.  Below the property is Río Portalon which we could see from the deck.

The next morning, after seeing a very long, though nonpoisonous, snake while walking the road further up, I couldn’t help but insult the artist’s rendition of trees decorating our shower by interpreting these as cobras…..They are on all three walls…..


After settling in we cooled off in the pool.  The temperature there is about eighty but the humidity is about ninety percent.  Lots of leaf cutter ants make trails all over. They really go a long distance when they have what they need right next to their house….don’t get it.  They can really cause a lot of damage!


This poison dart frog was on the deck and then hid under the buckled mat while I went to fetch my camera.  He hopped down quickly when I lifted the mat, and then hopped under the deck before I could get a better picture.  I had seen a different one by the pool the first night that had green horizontal stripes.



Both nights we ate at Langosta Feliz (Happy Lobster).  Bill had fried filet of fish, opting out of the whole thing, and I had grilled shrimp in garlic sauce.



As we finished Macho the cat came to visit.  He loved scratches and rubs.  As soon as I got up to pay the bill he got up onto my chair!


There is a park with a waterfall up the road.   We couldn’t get a good view of the fall but sitting there was peaceful.


The second night we returned to Langosta Feliz and this time I was feliz eating langosta!


After dinner we drove back to the beach for a turtle nesting tour.  We were driven a few kilometers on a road which parallels the beach and then walked just over three miles back.  Unfortunately we didn’t see any females exiting the water and making tracks on the beach to nest.  Our guide showed us pictures of tracks which can be several inches to a couple of feet wide and look like large machinery went through.  We ended at the hatchery where they have a few dozen human made nests for the eggs they rescued this summer.  They are watched by two volunteers around the clock to be sure poachers don’t steal the eggs and to collect the babies when they hatch to safely release them to the ocean.  Volunteers also constantly patrol the beach to collect eggs and to report any poachers to the police or coast guard.  This is a great opportunity for college students!

Here is a bridge in Matapalo I was glad I didn’t have to drive on….

On the dirt road from where we were staying to the main road there are speed bumps!  Even the video seems as though we were going fast we were proceeding carefully.  Never seen speed bumps on a dirt road before…..

On the way back home we stopped to photograph a plane which will become a hotel next to a pricey restaurant.  Here is a recent newspaper article about it.