Yesterday and today was San Gerardo’s turn for festivities.  The next village over has two races a year.  This time of year it is only 10K but involves a LOT of uphill!

Saturday there were soccer games, bouncy things, and food being sold in the community salon.  Over at Café Bambú there was a Cachivachi  (yard sale) and food as well.  After bingo in the late afternoon the night was saved for dancing.  Since there were numerous huge speakers lined up along a wall we decided it was going to be too loud and likely not anything either of us would want to vibrate our eardrums nor our bones.  We went home and Bill cooked the pork we had bought from Adrian in the morning along with roasted potatoes, carrots, and onions.

Today there were two road races and there was excitement in the air as we drove up.  Even police on motorcycles were arriving!  People were milling about either watching, limbering up for the race by stretching, jogging, or being adjusted by a chiropractor.  Plants and a few crafts were for sale as well as more food.  The adults began first since they had the longer race, and then the kids and other adults, some with dogs, took a different easier route.  I had thought police were there because of the crowds, but their primary responsibility was to lead the racers up the road and then escort the first few winners back to the field.  It was really pretty impressive!

The most noticeable occurrence was the last person of the adult race who was wearing……..a thong only.  The guy actually had a trim bod but being a family community event, was frowned upon by some.  Another gringo faux pas….

As participants passed the finish line they were given a medal and rub downs were available.  There was also a display of student art work.

Here is a video of the two days, minus the naked gringo.

We look forward to February when the huge race up Mt. Chirripó takes place.  At over 12,000 feet, I will let Rhonda Swanson come and do it for me….