Off for a bit of a hike today at Cloudbridge Nature Reserve in the next village.  We got a late start so it was rather cloudy and the possibility of rain was likely.  Not having been on the trail leading to a loop trail to the peccary cave in a year and a half we had a bit of trouble finding the beginning, especially as some new buildings had been erected meanwhile.  We finally got started and had a STEEP climb which was also a bit mucky.  Ever since I had taken a huge fall which left a rather enormous bruise on my derrière two Christmases ago while here, I have found a formerly annoying use of a walking stick to be a security blanket on our walks.  How the horse whose hooves left impressions on our trail ever came down safely I have no idea.

About a month ago when leaving Cloudbridge we saw a family of collared peccaries up on the hill but as they were moving along we did not get to photograph them.  They were not within our views today but they look like a wild pig.

After a lot of uphill we descended steeply down to where the cave is.  Along the way was this tree.  I was sort of wishing I were a peccary so I could take the more interesting path through the tree.


We found that the cave is really more of a large rock overhang.  The mud was messed up due to their prints which were also messy.  There was a small place in the rock that seemed pretty snug for a baby.  Just before we arrived there was a bit of drizzle, AKA “pelo de gato” or “hair of the cat”. We hung out a while as the rain picked up and there were a few occasional rumbles of thunder.  Meanwhile, I had to pee so was grateful for the roof over my head.  Hope the peccaries don’t mind…



After about twenty minutes the rain was letting up so we headed on up the trail and the back to the beginning.

Our new expat friend Linda, who lives at Cloudbridge, is an amazing artist so we stopped in to see her work.  Luckily, she was in a creative mood and working on a smaller project.



Her work involves coloring her own paper which she then decoupages over her drawing.


She will paint the image she can see through the paper as well as the negative space.  Go to to see her larger works.  She sells them, cards, and these smaller pieces.  Linda is so talented she has exhibited at the national gallery here and was featured in the national newspaper! She has also shown her work in Canada, her motherland.

Tom, who was also home and the executive director of Cloudbridge, explained the peccaries don’t live in the shelter, which actually isn’t very big, but may try to get salt from the mud which was put there by a farmer years ago for his cows.