Our morning walk today was delayed a bit as I wanted to wait for the washing machine to finish spinning and hang up the laundry outside.  Just as Bill and I finished I noticed a man on a motorcycle slowing coming up the road.  Trying to see if I recognized him I saw his facial expression indicating he had to speak with us.  I opened up the gate the rest of the way as he circled around and stopped.  That’s when I noticed the CORREO written on the front of his bike.  The mailman had come all the way up to our house to deliver mail!  This was a first!

Bill’s mother had written him a note just to see how long it would take to arrive – 12 days.  As the only other letter we ever got was left at the pulpería, we figured any mail for us would be picked up there.  

In talking with this nice young man, in Spanish, he said that if we are not at home when he has mail for us he would rather not leave it at the little store so would just leave it in the gate some how.  If he has a package for us and needs a signature he wanted to know where to leave it, so I suggested either Marcoanney’s or Tita’s house – la casa amarilla o la casa azul.

Then he asked about birds!  We had a conversation about what feathered friends we see; he hoped we had quetzals here, but no.  He thought he had seen one in Cloudbridge last weekend, but the description was more like a motmot.

Since we have been wondering about another way to get to the mountain route north I asked him about a road we had seen on the map which seemed to be a bit more direct.  He shared that our Toyota 4Runner would be able to handle the dirt road, but the last section is very steep and twisty making it hard on the brakes when descending.  Although beautiful, he thought the way through San Isidro would be more rapid overall.  Oh, well.  Maybe we will check it out one day.

The more we spoke in Spanish the more apt he was to throw in a couple of words in English and even almost a whole sentence!  Hmmmmm.  He had spent six years in New Jersey, of course, as a gardener for a very nice man.  He would like to return some day, but it’s expensive and he likes working here.

Before he took off I asked about the zip code as what our landlord told us didn’t match what I had found online.  Ah!  The 8000 Billy had given us was for post office boxes in San Isidro.  Our zip code is 11904.  They really only use the postal code if there isn’t enough information on the envelope, contrary to the US.



If anyone wants to send me postal mail:

Beth Cooley

1 km Norte de la escuela

Herradura de Rivas

Perez Zeledon, Costa Rica 11904