Tom and Linda came today to experience our road past the house.  Tom hadn’t been this way in several years, and Linda had never been up this way.  First we visited the small primary growth forest where Tom expressed surprise about seeing succulents in a cloud forest for the first time years ago…it always struck me as odd, too…..who knew they aren’t just desert flora…There is one on this tree that goes and goes and goes most of the way up this monstrosity.

Then we continued up the road and then down the wet steep trail to the waterfall.  Getting towards the end of the rainy season the water is so much more forceful than before.  The log that can normally be seen all the way across is only partially viewable.  There is no safe way Bill would cross to the other bank now!


Such a beautiful horse wants some company….when we stopped to say hello to him the other day some neighbors came by on horseback, and this guy went nuts trying to get some time in with a fellow equine but it wasn’t to be….



Further on was a mule we saw for the first time but have often wondered why they aren’t common up here..


We we’re hoping the lizards we have seen further up by the bridges would be out and about but no luck.


Two fun hours later we turned around with the promise of next time driving this far and walking to the end of the road.