Last week I met a fellow expat who has lived here for several years and knows more Spanish than I do.  After kindly going with me to a doctor’s appointment to translate she invited me to join the International Women’s Club in Perez Zeledon, AKA San Isidro de General.  They do service activities, get together once a month for lunch, and a group meet once a month to walk somewhere.  Well, it turned out that today they were meeting just down the road at the Secret Gardens!

The morning was cloudy, and some clouds were hanging a bit low.  Radar showed clear air here…..About twenty minutes before I was due to head down the hill, driving the furthest ever here, the president of the club called to ask about the weather as it was drizzling at her house where people were gathering to carpool.  Here the clouds were holding their moisture so we decided to “give it a go”.  The president is a Scot and runs a B&B just outside of San Isidro.

As I rolled and bumped along I could see really low clouds further down the valley and became less sure of the weather.   We all arrived at the same time, and sure enough drizzle, AKA pelo de gato (hair of the cat), started to descend.  Being women of the world we were all prepared with umbrellas and boots and rain jackets.  Introductions were made, we paid our entry fee of three dollars, and took the offer of the groundskeeper to give us a tour.

The narrow path was somewhat protected by trees, and flowers were everywhere.  A few ponds were scattered here and there. Red bananas are ornamentals.  A ginger plant is also called shampoo because the water it collects is good for the skin.  The common name is maraca.



Coffee and tea were served with a thick hot tortilla – very warming on a cool wet morning.  Despite the dreary weather everyone was in friendly spirits, looked out for each other, and let each person proceed at one’s own pace.

The longest stay so far by these women is ten years.  I was the newbie at four months.  Some of them are here with a husband while others are single.  I look forward to getting to know them better and learning their backstories.

Here is a one minute video.