Yesterday we attended a Thanksgiving Feast at Rio Chirripó Retreat and enjoyed a scrumptious meal!  It turned out not to be for just those of us from the United States as there were fellow expats from Ireland, Germany, Holland, Canada, Argentina, Venezuela, England, Brasil, France, North Africa, and Costa Rica!

Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy, quiche, rolls, garlic bread, three different salads, ratatouille, and a few other dishes were mightily savored by all.  The usual array of pies were delicious.  Personally, I had the best pecan pie I have ever tasted, a squash pie flavored to be sort of like pumpkin, and apple. Yes, after a large dinner plate filled with Thanksgiving foods and a large salad combo, I still found room for THREE pieces of pie!

After of bit of digesting, three men sat on the sofa by the fire and beat out soulful rhythms on hand drums.  Some relaxed women even got up to dance.  Me?  I stayed warm by the fire wishing our fireplace would draw well enough to use it.  If you are wondering why a fire, the day was rainy and cold with some strong wind gusts earlier in the afternoon.  The rainy season is supposed to be ending, but I guess it had to make one last hurrah.

I was also feeling very thankful that our big retirement, sell almost everything we own, adventure is working out so well.  We are developing friendships with locals and expats, have been accepted by villagers (one man even wanted to give us a certificate saying we are official Herradurians and wanted us to buy a house here as we are such fine people), are learning the language and are doing a bit of volunteer work (Bill takes photos and I converse with some kids in English).  Some neighbors have asked us if we want to buy land or house here.  Perhaps their motive is to make a sale, but they also like us enough to want us around long term!

A short video of the evening….