We missed the weekend soccer games, rodeo, karaoke, and dance but made it to the Cabalgata.  This was a priority as we had funded a majority of the prizes.  A Cabalgata is simply a horseback ride on a given trail, though apparently drinking occurs before and during.  At some point after the return of the paying participants, there is a raffle.  There were two saddles, saddle pads, rope, bridles……Notice that these brand new items are simply laid out on a dirty cement floor.

Registration was to be between nine and ten.  MarcoAney, the event organizer, told us the ride would start about eleven or half past.  While we waited people registered for the event, enjoyed refreshments, and listened to a paid singer belt out song after song.  It seemed the more he sang, the more off key he became!  I think I was the only one who was bothered by it!  It was shortly after noon when the Cabalgata finally got under way.  We had expected some announcement or big take off, but a jeep with speakers on the roof simply got into position, and all the riders followed along behind.  There were some kids about ten years old but most were adults of all ages.  They went down the road, across the bridge, and up into the hills.  About two and a half hours later they returned.

Meanwhile, there was a horse spectacle which turned out to be prancing horses.  The audience seemed pleased, though we found it a bit unimaginative.  Riders had their horse mount a low wooden platform to go through their paces.  One horse wanted no part of that!  There was food for sale, games for kids at the corral (including this funny mechanical bull), and lots more music and drinks.

Once the Cabalgata returned, they were served food which was part of their registration fee.  We patiently waited for them to get their nourishment so the raffle could begin.  Quite a while later, one of the riders was to begin a dance with his partner, and soon others joined in.  Although it was interesting to see the dancing styles, none of which I could do, we were impatient to see who would get the prizes.  Since it was well over an hour since the return and dancing was clearly going to continue for an undetermined amount of time, we decided to head home.  We had been there almost five and a half hours without a whole lot of worthy entertainment.  We did have a slice of pizza, and MarcoAney wanted us to have some of the food for the riders, so at least we had something in our tummies.