Friday afternoon we picked up Jeanne and Chris and drove to the truchera (trout farm) in San Gerardo.  Tom and Linda from Cloudbridge were able to join us to make a fun group of six.  This was our first visit there but have heard that the food is good and not expensive.

Being a trout farm/restaurant customers have the option of catching their own fish or letting the employees do it.  As I was the only one interested I caught all six of the trout.  Being my father’s daughter I couldn’t let someone else do it!  Now, you might have already figured that this is not a difficult process!  The pond with the fish big enough for eating is tiny.  The trout swim clockwise, I guess because they don’t have much choice!  Ligia baited my hook which was simply a small plank of wood with line wrapped around it.  She began with a worm but once I had a fish she quickly gouged out its eyes with her thumb and then used them for bait.  Neither did she waste any time in breaking the necks!

When I was watching the video I noticed that I was tossing the line right-handed even though as a young thing I fished left-handed with a pole.  I write and eat left-handed but bat, golf, and throw a frisbee with my other hand.  My brother could tell you I used both when small and playing horseshoes.  Well, there’s a horseshoe in each hand so why not?  To this day I still do this when working outside and tossing rocks, sticks, etc.  Just seems more efficient!

Ligia’s mother, Amable, then cooked the dinners for us all.  I don’t know why but after the fish were cleaned she removed the spine leaving all the vertebrae!  This made for a constant need to eliminate them from my mouth as with the poor lighting I could not see them all on my plate.  The flavor, however, was delicious!  The plate of food was six dollars.  They do not serve alcohol so we all took our own beer and wine.  No dessert, either.

This place is just below where we will be living next June so it will be an easy fix when we don’t feel like cooking some weekend.  Tom even joked about us having a frequent diners’ card!  Hmmmm, perhaps a business venture??