Two weeks later we headed up the road on the other side of the river to test a theory that a logging road was the other end of the Cabalgata route.  We had already tried one access road that goes up into the mountains but that was too close to town and took us only to the cypress trees and Oswaldo’s cafetal.  Last week we had walked really far up this same river road with Tom and Linda and had fabulous views of town and Cloudbridge trails heading up towards Chirripó.

Just below where they are standing was another view which showed us a trail winding up the mountain that was likely the other end of the route we were seeking…to be saved for the next time.

We drove up the main road a bit to save energy for another steep climb but still had fifteen minutes of uphill to get to the logging pickup spot.  Tom and Linda had told us the trees being felled are cypress which is legal to harvest….phew!  We had been worried someone was doing what they shouldn’t.  A left turn took us through a stand of cypress but soon came to a gate that marked the end.  From there it was open sunshine on a hard dirt road with loose rocks and bits of tough grass.  A very rustic cabin was just off to the right with a horse out front.  We never could figure out why there was a pole with a fan blade on top right in the front.  Off to the side was an outhouse…guess I don’t want to live there…

We both were getting easily winded.  I thought maybe I was having a recurrence of mild asthma as the more I climbed the more I thought I was wheezing a bit.  It gave us many chances to rest and see the panorama before us.  The views of our hood, village, and neighboring towns were a bit more expansive than the other day.  This time we could see our house as well as the buildings of Cloudbridge a couple of valleys over.  We could even see the beginning of the route from two weeks before where I was afraid of falling off the cliff.

A few more gates with the final one being wooden rather than barbed wire made me suspect we were getting to Luis’s property.  He runs the Roca Dura Cafe (Hard Rock Cafe) over in San Gerardo and led the Cabalgata up into the hills.  Quickly we were admiring a growing hedge of purple flowered shrubs and being entertained by flitting hummingbirds having their fill of sweet nectar.  A few buildings, the horse Luis had been riding higher up the mountain, and then the trail we had seen on YouTube of the riders struggling to complete the final ascent affirmed this was indeed the trail we wanted.

We afforded ourselves more time to enjoy the vista from such a high elevation which included San Isidro de General which is the Thursday morning feria excursion every week.  Luis has a small house with a tower loft similar to Billy’s which must be a great vantage point.  An enormous tree stump had been placed upside down a few years ago as plants were growing from the top.  Various angles made the roots resemble animals!  It made a fun abode for some spiny lizards, too!

On the return, about where I thought I had been wheezing, we saw two birds fly out from a tall tree just next to us.  One had a reddish underside while the other one it was interested in was yellow.  Perhaps they were male and female tanagers that are migrants here this time of year?  There was a raquet going on in tree which had several acorn woodpeckers just yammering away.  They seemed small so may be teenagers???  I love the dramatic coloring with sudden changes….no feathering in colors here!  (I wonder if Dad would like that pun….).

There we’re more further down the road, and then some pretty well camouflaged lizards on rocks were seen.

Just a few minutes more brought us to the main river road, and then it was back to the car.  The final descent seemed longer than ascending the same!  Weary but glad we found the route and the amazing views of our favored valleys and mountains, home we trundled.