Decided to give my tailbone a test.  It passed the other day just walking up the road.  Not far from the house is a cafetal, belonging to Tita and Freddy, which is being heavily replanted with chile peppers, onions, tomatoes, etc.  Three men have been toiling away for at least two months!  This year’s coffee harvest was pitiful, perhaps due to the rust fungus, older plants, weak soil, or any combination thereof.  Just before the cafetal is a metal gate with a wide trail heading uphill so this is where we explored.

Just past the planting zone is another fence with a barbed wire gate.  Immediately the trail is just a footpath following a stream coming from a spring.  This is the water source for the irrigation the men need to get the plants to grow while we wait for the rainy season, winter, to really begin.  It is a gentle uphill climb but just past the wild blackberries, we have to pass through another barbed wire gate onto the finca of another neighbor.  On the way back down we sample some berries that are sweetly ripe!

After fording a few streams we get to a very healthy horse!  He is curious but doesn’t want us to come too close.  On the return he will begin to approach us, but then decides I am not to intrude his personal space.  So sorry we didn’t have some bananas with us…We continue on but soon find the trail ends.

 From time to time we stop to look back at the view.  We see the other road and how far along it and how high we have been.  Following the horse trails up a steep side hill is a bit treacherous and don’t take us anywhere so we descend.

After visiting with the horse, seeing a really small mouse, and snacking on a few blackberries we return to the gates and the cafetal.  Back home I ice my sore tailbone, take a shower, and apply icy hot gel.  

 Three minute video