The easiest part of the whole process was going to migración to finalize everything.  Our local agent met us there at eight o’clock Friday morning, May 16.  She had already been in line to get our papers to an official for us.  She took us to the waiting area but couldn’t stay.  On the way in she told us that we were to listen for our names and go to the designated window.  We would be shown our basic information and were to check that our names, birth dates, and gender were correct, and then sign the paper.  I had to show my passport, receipts for the three payments we made back in April when we were approved, and CAJA payment for this month.  Actually, I had been told I needed my CAJA card, but the nice young man wasn’t interested in that. Then he snapped my photo, got my approval, and I was told that my card would be ready in an hour!  Wow!

We had been told that either we could wait a month and go back to get them or have them mailed to us in no more than ten days.  How wonderful to get them on the spot!

They are valid until April 1, 2016 which is two years from the date of approval.  Now we don’t have to leave the country every ninety days to keep a valid visa for legal driving.  

Next up, getting our drivers licenses once the current visa expires.