Our rental house borders right on the Talamanca Hotel property which consists of four to five thousand acres!  Our “summer” neighbors, Bob and Linda, who live at the end of the road, have hiked on the trails there numerous times and have raved about the scenery.  Linda invited us to go with her and John, the current Cloudbridge director, to amble about.  A Cloudbridge volunteer from Germany, Jonas, accompanied us.

The outer trails are mown and are numerous though well marked.  We decided to head to the waterfall, El Salto, about a kilometer uphill from an intersection down the hill from the house.  Along the way the ever vigilant John would occasionally stop and give his trusty butterfly net a sudden rapid flick to capture a dragonfly or butterfly he wanted to preserve for the Cloudbridge collection.  First there were two tiny falls which were no prelude to the spectacular one we were about to witness.


We crossed some steel bridges and then I went on ahead up the steps with a railing making several turns in the trail.  Up some more steps were three round metal seats!


I noticed another steel bridge but waited for the others to catch up.  I heard them coming and then Linda exclaiming, “Whoa!  Whoa!”  Below me the others were looking at what had to have been the falls.  Turning and walking towards the direction they were looking suddenly there was the extremely high cascade of mountain water beautifully and gracefully descending.


We all proceeded across that last metal bridge and up some more steps to arrive at the base of this spectacle.  A small pool looked refreshing but none of us tested the waters….

All of us agreed it was worth the hike!