Two days after the Talamanca hike we headed down the road to an upscale expensive hotel nestled in the rainforest.  Now it is closed to the public for a vacation, but when it is open bananas are put out to entice the white faced capuchin monkeys to entertain the guests.  Although we kept an eye out for them, we never saw any.

The original motivation for this trip was for John, from Cloudbridge Nature Reserve, to return a pit viper he had found there recently.  Last night he decided he had grown attached to it!!! and decided to wait for another day to do that.  I was rather relieved as we were car pooling!

This place also has several trails, and we covered most of them.  Once again John would snap his net and catch some items of interest fluttering about but didn’t see as many today.

The destination for the first trail was the waterfall where he had seen some small frogs on a recent visit.  As it was daytime they were hiding, but we still enjoyed the beauty.  Along another trail he did spy some other types of frogs, one which wasn’t even a half inch and didn’t get a good picture of it.

Along another trail was a memorial garden with what appeared to be alien spaceships camping out!  One made a handy seat for me.

A few trails later and back in the open we came upon the hotel’s herd of freindly goats whose milk they use for yummy cheese.  Several came right up to us, probably hoping for a snack, and were even interested in our bamboo walking sticks.

A bit further on is a shed where they are milked.  While looking for the right trail back down we came upon another shed with two more goats penned separately.  One seemed really old and kept scratching its head.  The other one was young and a bit frisky as you can see in the video.

A few missteps and we found a trail to take us back down just as rain started to fall.