Interestingly, the same day we honor Christopher Columbus in the States, they celebrate various cultures here.  The above design was displayed at the local school on the general bulletin board.  Why anyone even gives Columbus, who was a bully and just plain mean, nasty person, two thoughts is beyond me.

This year October 12 was on a Sunday so after church people ambled next door to see a performance by the students.  Each grade level represented a different country.  As it was too crowded to get in the room to watch, we hung around outside with some other folk.  When I did peer over people’s heads to see inside it seemed children did a bit of singing or reading but most of the time was taken by adults who talked about the various countries.

Before the show began there was an art contest with the results shared after the presentations.


We found most of the fun was outside before and during the show.  Our landlord was there with his wife and twins as older sister Bianka was involved inside.  She won first prize in her category for the artwork and below is posing with her grandmother, Señora Daisy.

The event ended with the raising of the Bandera Azul flag.  A lot of work goes into this award for ecological projects and from one to five stars can be earned.  This year the school did very well getting four!


A video of the morning outside….