A local young woman is trying to raise funds so that she can complete her studies and become a physical therapist.  Martina Capel, who spent eight months here with her family and became temporary director of Proyecto San Gerardo, has generously taken on the challenge of creating a crowdfunding campaign to assist Yency in attaining her professional goal so that she can help her community.

Life is still rather rural here.  The high school has been in existence for only 25 years and most of the people our age did not have any education above 15 years. This is why now they strive to get their children to university to have a better life.

Yency is twenty-five years old and will finish her 4th year of Physio-Therapist studies. She needs 16 more months in order to receive her degree. So far she has managed to pay for her studies, as she received a scholarship, but once she receives her bachelors degree at the end of this year, she is not entitled to it anymore.

Given the average income University studies here in Costa Rica are expensive. One course costs around 140 USD. Per semester you have to take 4 courses. In addition to the matricula, the copies, and the books, it comes to a total of around 3 000 USD. Please keep in mind that the average local income in the mountains is about 300 USD per month.

Yensy’s financial need to finish her studies is about 3 000 USD and she really deserves our help. She is a serious student, has an excellent average of 86, and has worked hard all through her time at the local university. Please find her more detailed story on the WordPress Blog site https://dreamofbeingphysiotherapist.wordpress.com.

On a longer term Yensy would love to set up her own daycare center for elderly people in the region of San Gerardo de Rivas.

If you could help spread the word of the about this campaign, it would certainly give it an advantage. Please pass on her blog site to your friends.

Thanking you for your support on behalf of Yensy Villarevia.