A lot of walking today!  We took a slightly different route and came across a peaceful park, San Sebastián, we wouldn’t mind living near!  There are a couple of cafes and the Modern Museum of Art as well as a Belgian microbrewery which was closed while creating more refreshment. With a different goal in mind for the day we decided to move on and visit another time.

Our destination was Río Tomebamba which separates the new from the old.  Along the route were some more photographic opportunities.

Along the way we came to the Barranco Hat Museum where Panama hats are made.  The quality isn’t very high so though I tried on several I chose not to wear something uncomfortable.  There is no admission fee and visitors can watch the process of making the hats.

Although it is said that indigenous women can be seen washing their clothes and drying them on the banks it wasn’t to be today, nor was it in 2012.  The old buildings are stunning and house families, hotels, museums, schools, etc.  On the other side of the river is the newly renovated Parque de la Madre which is beautifully done.  Playground equipment, winding track, and a planetarium dot the green grass areas where people were enjoying the warm sunny clime.

Further walking brought to some more street art.  We loved this area next to the river with lawn grass and the rocky river.   We saw terrific views, people out enjoying the weather, kids running up and down the long sets of stairs for PE classes, three stories of a Catholic elementary school with students enjoying recess, etc.  It is close enough to the main park to walk.  Living here would be fun so is on the list of options.

We did return to Park Abdón Calderón to rest before deciding to return to the penthouse as clouds and wind were coming in.

A couple of shots at the park.

Day two video.