A day of rest after so much walking the past three days.

Since we still didn’t have food in the penthouse we gladly opted to return to Cafè San Sebas!  When we entered the park we actually saw several people using it, which you see in the video.  Surprisingly, the church still wasn’t open.  Maybe the service was last night? We did see fireworks from there right after dark descended.  Fireworks are pretty common here.  Churches are often the scene though they last about thirty seconds.


Neither of us could resist the temptation of the potato hash….Bacon, maple sausage, potatoes, green pepper, mushrooms, onion, cheddar cheese, gently fried egg with runny yolk, sour cream, and scallions.  As we waited we took some photos.


And then……..



It was so tasty we will do a repeat before leaving!

As we really did need to purchase some food we then walked to the SuperMaxi about twenty minutes away.  Just a few blocks from the park there is a very old building which was open today.


From what I could interpret it was built about two hundred years ago and was a rest station for animals and travelers arriving to the city.  About twelve years ago there was a major restoration done.  In a few weeks there will be an exhibition by some Spanish masters such as Goya.


We saw where the light rail is going to be running and modern buildings which seem to be basically apartments.  This area might work if there are short term furnished rentals.

As I was perusing the wine section a kind young employee informed me they don’t sell alcohol on Sundays.  Guess I will have to settle for water….too bad I don’t like red wine or beer as Bill would be glad to share.

The afternoon is being spent resting, Bill taking a nap, working on photos and blogging, and a bit of laundry.