In no particular hurry today so got a later start.  A different route to the historic area took us past a school with some street art.  We liked this quiet neighborhood with its closeness to the main park.

We had to be in downtown around two in order to get Bill’s new glasses.  Last Thursday we stopped by an optical store and inquired about an eye exam and glasses.  The exam would be fifteen dollars, and the doctor would be ready in five minutes!  I accompanied Bill as the doctor doesn’t speak English…..and speaks a pretty rapid Spanish!  I certainly was challenged despite her speaking clearly.  First she used a machine to measure his eyeballs, and then she used the eye chart.  Turns out his distance vision is better than a year and a half ago.  Bill has been saying for quite a while that some days his glasses are too strong and other days they are fine.  This doctor said it would depend on the state of his blood pressure which is a bit high without medication.  If his blood pressure was more normal anyway his distance vision would not need correction.  The last thing was to determine the correction needed for reading using the scaled apparatus.  He ended up getting progressives with transition lenses for $440, including frames!


Our apartment manager had told us about being able to climb a spiral staircase of one of the older cathedrals as well as see the crypts, if they were open.  For only one dollar we gained access to the cathedral terrace where we had some great “aerial” views of the park and closer views of the blue domes.


The crypts were more on the boring end as many are gaudy on the higher end!  At least admission was only a dollar.


After being disappointed twice trying to dine at a restaurant we enjoyed in 2012 we were hopeful tonight it would work.  The first time we were too early, and the second time they were closed during their normal hours.  Along the way we rested at the art store we liked the other day and then continued along Río Tomebamba and arrived at El Maiz, which was open!!


We were the only guests as it was only 4:00, but we were hungry since we hadn’t eaten since breakfast.  We each had a typical soup made from the same base with slightly different added ingredients.  Tasty!  Bill repeated his chicken dish while I thought I was going to enjoy the same quinoa plate.  I remembered it being creamy and cheesy, but this came in a form.  It was good, but not dreamy creamy.  The accompanying vegetables were cooked just right….not overdone!  We indulged with desserts, Bill having a banana bathed in chocolate with vanilla ice cream on the side.  I chose a plantain based torte with mousse Taxo alongside.  The mousse was far superior with a fruity flavor.


After such a big meal, and there was still plenty of sunlight, we elected to walk the better part of an hour back to our neighborhood SuperMaxi to get a few items.  It took us into a different neighborhood and felt safe the whole way.