Every Wednesday there is a HUGE market about a kilometer from here.  We ambled on over this morning to check it out.  First, it’s way too crowded for me and made me feel a little uncertain about safety.  Second, it has about any fruit or vegetable that can be had in Ecuador, and some from beyond.  Besides grapes from Peru and apples from Chile, there were kiwis from the USA!?  Third, there sure were some more cute kids!  Fourth, there were indigenous folks from a variety of regions.  Fifth, I was pleased to see turmeric and ginger roots available.




Dinner was at El Mercado along Calle Larga.  It’s a new restaurant with a small store in front and two level dining in back overlooking Tomebamba River, the new Cunca, and off to the mountains.

We were seated upstairs in the tearoom since we were a bit early for dinner.  The tablecloth reminded me of England and complemented my raspberry and guayabana refreshment.  The rolls, perhaps being in the tearoom, were sweet and dry. I chose a special clam chowder and was a bit disappointed it was lavender and sweet!  At the suggestion of our waiter I ordered the salmon three-quarters cooked to avoid being dry, yet it was.

At least I had a handsome dinner date!  Despite excellent reviews on Trip Advisor it wasn’t worth the price.