Spent the morning relaxing and looking for the Cafè Eucalyptus to see if they still had room for another reservation.  Signs tend to be obscure, or we are just not fine tuned enough to look carefully for small signs.  Today it wasn’t as difficult as other days, and it helps when people give you correct directions!  We had to wait until they were open at two and then made a reservation for 4:30.

For $15 each we had an appetizer, main course, and dessert.  Bill enjoyed salad while I had a delicious carrot and ginger soup to start.  The main course included succulent turkey, sausage dressing, purple potato salad, grilled onions, and roasted potatoes.  Dessert was a choice of pumpkin or apple pie.  Should have chosen the latter as they don’t know about spices.  Bill’s pumpkin pie had a coffee sauce on his, but mine came naked for some reason.


A great substitution for a holiday meal in the States….except for no family..