From March through September we had the pleasure of getting to know Martina Capel, who was temporary director of Proyecto San Gerardo while Jenny Moss was in Canada.  Martina’s husband Phillipe oversaw Cafe Bambú and added his organization and recipes to the fold.  Their two boys, Maxime and Etienne, are fun and charming young men.

The past two months they have been just outside Quito and decided to see more of the country.  As a getaway they decided to Cuenca while we are here!  After catching up a bit we made our way to the art/craft store where Black Friday was in force with all non-food items at 25% off!  The Capels found some Christmas presents for their parents, and Bill and I chose a few embroidered items by the owner based on pre-Columbian designs.

Then it was off to Parque de la Madre so the boys could get some exercise after nine hours on the bus the day before.  They enjoyed the zipline and swings, and even met a young girl who was disappointed when it was time to go.

Can you imagine having swings in the States with five or six kids swinging towards each other in a circle and can touch toes?

Back up on the busy streets we happened upon a store of interest and ventured inside.

They joined us for dinner at the penthouse we are renting, and Martina was kind enough to make the salad dressing.  Afterwards she was sure to have the boys do their nightly chores of cleaning the dishes….


So glad to have time to get to know this wordly family a bit more!