We began the day by walking to a street with the Capels to find a driver for about six hours. The destinations were Paute where there is a Sunday market said to be visited by many chefs for the best produce and the weavers we had visited with Eddie. After a bit of disappointment finding a driver available we were called back to one business and were able to hire a driver with a van. At first he wanted a hundred dollars, but Phillipe was able to get him down to eighty – merci!

About forty-five minutes later we found ourselves in Paute but had to ask the locals where the market is. There seemed to be a lot of people out and about, and even the banks are open on Sundays! There is a large crowded indoor area and then an outdoor area as well. The many regional hats and ruddy faced children still fascinated me. Pictures are not appreciated, and one woman even hit me for taking one. Oops! Being sneaky is hard. She seemed to have eyes in the back of her head that could penetrate her hat! Or maybe it was the eye in her peacock feather!


Having had our fill of yet another market it was on to the weavers so the Capels could view the workshop.  When we arrived the matriarch descended from her home and began explaining the dying and weaving process.  Her husband demonstrated the loom, and then it was time to help Martina select a makana, or shawl.  Most were too stressing, or busy, so she selected a calmer one that matched her new Panama hat!

To give the boys a bit of fun I took them out back to see the coy pond and big Tom.  The matriarch said he is not a nice turkey so will soon become Christmas dinner!

Then it was time to drive back to Cuenca and go our separate ways.  Maxime wasn’t feeling well, and we had leftovers to eat before flying home in a few days.