We hired Eddie to show us some apartments as we were thinking about spending extended periods of time in Cuenca and wanted to see what we could get for our money.

We viewed a condo first in a small gated community.  Three bedrooms were too many for us, but it had a small walled in yard which the cats would love!  A bus stop was just around the corner and would make it easy to get places.  It was $700 a month, plus utilities, but the owner wanted a year’s lease.

The rest were apartments in large buildings which would feel like living in a hotel.  Some had views into other apartment buildings and were all in the new section of Cuenca.  A couple had community terraces with rather incredible vistas!  One even went all around the building with views of everything but downtown while another had an expansive view of mountains and the historic rooftops.  The latter was actually in the best location as it was just across the river from the ruins and within walking distance of the main square.

We had a bit of a chat with a local lawyer about residency.  Unfortunately, we can’t be residents of Costa Rica and Ecuador right now as we have to be in Costa Rica four months a year and would have to remain in Ecuador nine months a year.  In April 2019 we can become permanent residents here which requires just being here one day a year.  Then we could become residents in Ecuador if we wanted to spend that much time there.  Or we could let our residency here lapse in April 2016 and become Ecuadorian residents.  Or we could just get the normal three month tourist visa as three months a year is all non-residents can get without jumping through hoops and paying $350 to get a six month visa.

Things to ponder.  Bill likes cities more than I do so finding an apartment with a green view without having to sit outside would be tough.

Since getting back to Costa Rica we have decided to keep residency here and travel to other countries rather than spend months every year in Ecuador.  We love it there, but right now it makes more sense to keep Costa Rica as our base.  The more we go away for weeks at a time the harder it is on the cats, being away for months might be a problem for them, and taking them to another country is very stressful.  We will have to take it one year at a time to see how they are aging…..along with us!  There is an incredible world out there to visit, and we have just experienced a small percentage.

Someone turned 62 during the early morning hours so dinner was a good time to celebrate.  We met the Capels at a Spanish restaurant and while they supped on a variety of tapas, Bill and I had regular entrees.  Catalan crème brulee was the finishing touch with its hint of orange.  Yum!


Before we left in the morning I had a chance to Skype with my birthday twin in Vermont…..very cool!