Before going off to the western regions we drove north a bit to COOLEY PENINSULA!  I had hoped to get a picture of a sign indicating this fun name but the only one we saw was on the motorway as we zoomed along.

Each minute was a green green vista with tidy houses and yards or fields.  The town of Carlingford provided a chance to get out of the car and meander around ruins, graveyards, and quaint streets.  There were even post-wedding pictures being taken on this sunny spring Friday.  It was a pleasant town with views of the Irish Sea as well.  We imbibed in bit of ice cream as lunch!


When it was time to move on we tried going the rest of the way around the peninsula and looking for a route west but found ourselves in Northern Ireland and no one cared!  People freely cross the border as though it is not even there.  There are no officials or signs clearly indicating a different country.  We turned around and tried a different route but again found ourselves across the line where we didn’t have cell service.  We continued on and the road looped back to Ireland and onward we progressed managing to stay in the right domain.

Looking for a place to rest our trespassing souls, I found a bed and breakfast south of Cavan near the lake district.  The Ross Equestrian Centre is fairly remote and offers riding lessons, stabling, an indoor arena for completion training, etc.  On the shores of Lough Sheelin, the old manor house is on 400 acres.  To reach the office one enters a gated courtyard where several horses are sheltered.  We were given accommodation with modern wall treatments, a conservatory for a bit of light, and a basic tiny bathroom with no soap… least someone left a large bottle of shampoo in the shower!

The town is quite uninteresting so for dinner we were sent to a golf club where yet another wedding on a Friday was happening!  A few woman sported fascinators in the style of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.  The grounds seemed well cared for and there was another view of the lake.  The fare was fairly good and plentiful.

We slept well and breakfast was in a room which reminded Bill of a Hitchcock movie setting.  We went with the lighter breakfast which was still more than a pleasant sufficiency!