After another hearty breakfast we said good-bye to our hosts and went to my hair appointment in town.  The B&B owner had told me the woman would give me a haircut well enough to last me until I  was due for another.  That turned out to be true!  The back wasn’t the best but was tolerable. 

Bill was pretty excited as we drove to admire the magnificent cliffs he had only seen in publications.  Along the way we spied Dunguaire Castle in Kinvara, County Galway and took time to photograph it and peek inside the building.  We chose not to take time for the tour so just made some purchases in the gift shop.  Bill now sports a wool cap and I silver earrings made right there.  I got to purchase them from the craftsman himself.  Then it on through the rocky windswept drab Burren.  The wildflowers provided the color of interest.

We arrived at the Cliffs of Moher late morning to find there was a huge parking lot, an entrance fee, and and a enormous underground visitor center.  Though we were told to hold onto our tickets as they would be collected, not only did no one care, there was no one around to look as though they might.  Bathrooms were a must before getting started.  We both found our respective WC’s with interesting signs….which spoke the truth!

The cliffs were as amazing as they had been back in 1987.  There were certainly more tourists and the edge was roped off, and there is now a trail to the top of the cliffs.

We began with admiration and then walked up to the right for more views in between the hordes of flies.  Further along and way down below were swarms of birds, some of which were puffins!  It took me a few tries to actually distinguish them as they were pretty far down.  We could only determine them through the binoculars and because of their flashy orange feet.  I love those birds!  We couldn’t get any photos of them due to distance and lack of zoom lens.  That was ok as we had been up close and personal with them in Iceland in 1990 and our boat floated amongst them in Alaska back in 1999.

After a bit we turned back to go to the top of the well-photographed spectacular vertical cliffs 203m high.  Soon we noticed people on the other side of the rope and decided to join them.  By then we were off the official tourist area and felt we could do as we pleased.  Neither one of us is fond of heights so there was really no danger we would get too close to the edge.


Bill was reluctant to leave this wonder, but it was time to head on towards Dingle.  As a shortcut we took a ferry which cut across Shannon Estuary and avoided Shannon and Limerick.

When we neared Tralee we started looking for a place to stay for a night or two.  Blennerville offered a possibility, but it turned out to be fully taken.  Not too much further back on the main road of Dingle Peninsula we came across Fort Farmhouse and stopped in to see if there was a room with a private bath.  There was!  The woman was very kind and showed us two rooms, each with a private bath.  After unloading the car she invited us for tea in the conservatory with a marvelous ocean view across the road.  There was a restaurant further back we had passed and had a tasty meal before heading to bed.