Breakfast had many possibilities, and we chose porridge along with the fresh fruit, yogurt, and bread that were offered.  Needing laundry done we asked our hostess where we could find such a service.  Yes!  She was willing to do it!!

With full bellies we drove off towards Dingle.  First stop was on Connor Pass which was foggy and chilly at 456m, Ireland’s highest road.  The road is in good shape, albeit narrow, steep, and twisty.  The car park at the summit on the north side provided views down to glacial lakes amongst the rocks.

Dingle is quite the tourist destination.  Arriving mid-morning we avoided crowds while we meandered the streets enjoying the signage and colors.  A small cheese shop caught my eye!  Peering in we could see the owner getting ready for the day and had to wait a bit before she was open.  When we returned we entered the tiny business rich with aromas of cheese!!  She makes sandwiches to go with fresh baguettes so of course we indulged!  I chose Cooleeney cheese, a type of brie made from cow’s milk.   She added some olive oil from the sundried tomatoes.  So yummy!

While Bill was at a barber’s getting his hairs trimmed I meandered a bit more.

A grocery store provided us with a few more goodies and off we headed.  Vistas were awaiting for us along Slea Head Drive, a 50km loop to the west of Dingle.

We stopped by Famine Cottage which was built in 1845.  Ironically, we chose there to have our picnic lunch.  Furnishings, cooking utensils, and farm animals display the hardships of the potato famine.  The stuffed people were a bit eerie!  I love the ancient beehive huts and wonder what it would have been like to base one’s time inside.  There were a few sheep around, a llama for some reason, and in the distance we could just see a border collie herding a flock.  I was disappointed to have missed the morning exhibition of the dog working as it was meant to do.  The lamb below was very friendly and let me pet its soft wooliness.

We made slow progress along the drive as there were so many stunning ocean views that were begging to be photographed yet again.  An advantage of travelling there in May is that we didn’t have traffic issues.


There were so many places we could have stopped and hiked or visited but there just wasn’t time.  Besides, leaving things not done means we have to return another time!  Ireland is such a breathtaking country.

Returning in time for dinner we decided on Paddy Mac’s Pub in Blennerville hoping for music.  Alas, the musicians had cancelled for that night.  It was just as well as the festivities don’t begin until nine or ten o’clock, too late for us.  Once again the pub food was delicious, and the fire warmed my back.

Our laundry was done but some socks were still damp.  I hung those over the thin wall heater overnight so they would be ready for the suitcase in the morning.  After another nourishing repast we said good-bye to our informative hostess, paid for the room and laundry (about twelve extra dollars), and continued our Irish journey.