Lonely Planet suggested some other villages that were quaint but none compared to dear Inistioge.

Graiguenamanagh also has an span bridge but only six arches and without the idyllic riverside area for relaxing.  We meandered around and visited the woolen mill, only living in Costa Rica didn’t entice me to purchase anything so warm and wooly.

Further on outside Borris, a Georgian village, is another higher span bridge.  We tried to find out how to get to Clonegal, but the scenic way seemed to be for hikers.

Clonegal is a tiny hamlet which doesn’t see much activity during the week.  The day was lovely and sunny but the only person we saw was working in the small park.  I asked  him about seeing otters; yes they are around only in May they are nesting so we wouldn’t likely observe them.  It has its own haunted mansion which we were going to tour, but the volunteers didn’t seem to know a lot about the place.  We moved on to Wexford.