I was curious about Wexford and the area around as when considering countries for retirement this part of Ireland was purported as having the best climate in the country, meaning less rain! Of course, International Living gave it great reviews!

The owner of the Bed and Breakfast seemed a bit scattered, the floorboards were squeaky, but she gave us a small discount as we had trouble getting hold of her to see about a room. In fact, we had left and just checked into a hotel when she called to apologise about missing our stop by her house and our call. The hotel kindly let us out of the agreement, and off we went to settle into her place.

The next day, before exploring Wexford, we took a couple of side trips.  The first was to Kilmore Quay to feast upon the thatch roof cottages, but not the local seafood.  It was a misty moist morning while the village was very quiet.  The most exciting part was coming upon a specialist who was replacing thatch on a house.  He obviously had done this quite a bit as he was comfortable and free on the ladder.  To move it a bit he would stay high on the rungs, pull the ladder towards him, and then scoot to one side or the other.  Sure beat going down and up the ladder numerous times but don’t think I would ever be comfortable  trying his method!


Continuing on our way the next area to explore was Fethard-on-Sea on the Hook Peninsula where there is an interesting lighthouse and display of Coast Life Saving.  En route is the supposedly most haunted building in Ireland but the ghosts weren’t awake yet so a tour was not available.

Hook Lighthouse is the world’s oldest working lighthouse which has a modern light flashing on its 13th-century tower.  We weren’t able to get a tour here, either, as a group of school children were filling the line, and we chose not to wait for the next one.

Wexford central is a maze of medieval streets lined with pubs and shops.  I was grateful to find an optician who sold me new cases for both my chunky Kate Spade sunglasses and my regular ones.  The elastic bands to keep the worn out ones together were getting lost and the whole process was a bit cumbersome.  The news ones are perfect and were only about five dollars each.  At one point Bill needed to pee and the public facility was rather intriguing.  I sort of thought he was going off into space.

I can’t say I was particularly impressed with the area.  The next day we drove north into the Wicklow region which was more to our liking.