After a quick breakfast at which I stuffed as much food in my mouth as I could, we loaded ourselves in the van and drove into Torres Del Paine Park and then on to Grey Glacier Hotel, about an hour away.  From there were walked about a half hour through woods, crossed a wobbly hanging bridge, and traipsed across a gravel spit to arrive at the Catamaran which would take us out to see Glacier Grey.  The views of the mountains as we walked were incredible.  We could even see small blue icebergs in the distance.

As we made our way across the water, well dressed in layers for protection against the brisk wind due to boat movement, larger impressive icebergs foreshadowed the vast blue Glacier we were approaching.  I was quite surprised with intensity of the blue in the cracks and one particular chunk of ice.  The first section continued the bitter cold wind which about froze my gloved fingers.  Fortunately, we were given a free drink.  Even though I had to settle for black tea, at least it was weak and HOT.  It was a great chance to thaw my nipped digits on the warming glass mug.  The next section was decidedly warmer due to little breeze, with the third being quite pleasant.

The captain was rather good about giving everyone time to take dozens and dozens of photos.  Bill and Bastian, our guide, opted for a Pisco sour made with glacial ice captured and picked to bits by the crew.  Supposedly they imbibed ancient water!  I saw two little calvings in the distance but no large chunks broke off as we saw in Alaska.

Back inside we previewed our takings as the captain steered us back to the landing point.  The whole time on the water was about three hours.  I was surprised when I viewed my photos on the iPad later that there was more blue in the Glacier than I had noticed with my eyes.

Upon returning  to the van we gathered our lunches and found some picnic tables where we fortified ourselves with enormous bag lunches from the hotel.  Two sandwiches, a juice box, a bottle of water, a cereal bar, and a small candy bar was way too much food!

Next stop was Lake Pehoe where we stepped up several times along a boardwalk with simply amazing views of the mountains with their reflections in the lake.  Pictures speak louder than words.



We also saw a few guanaco.  Over the years they have been selectively bred for their fur, etc. to become the well known popular llamas.


The last area was a short but wide waterfall of the aguamarine glacial water that just amazes me.  I will never tire of that Caribbean water color.  By then the sun was high and beating down strongly.  We all got really hot despite shedding a layer or two from the boat.  With few short trees shade is basically non-existent.  Our one fellow passenger takes forever to photograph anything.  One would think with all his big fancy equipment he would know more about what he is doing.  We stood around a lot waiting for him.  There was a trail but after following it for a bit I had to return to the van as I was just too sun beaten from being outside all day, even with sunscreen.  Bastian and Jan continued on but even they didn’t make it to the end.  The distant mountains are compelling and call to some.

Upon returning to the hotel we showered and rested before overeating another bountiful dinner buffet with several desserts!  The best was the chocolate créme broulee….so wonderful we each had two!  They were small!