Our last stop before returning to Tokyo and onward, we spent only one afternoon and night here.  It is a very popular locale as there is a slew of temples here, including the most ornate in Japan, a UNESCO site.

Two kilometers of walking through the outers streets of Nikko brought us to the edge of the park housing the temples where there is a red bridge.  For a few dollars one can cross it to gain prosperity.  We chose to keep our money as we would likely be ahead financially…

As we were maxxed out on temples by that point in the trip and the entry to the most famous was costly and crowded we opted out.  Gaudy is not of much interest.  The stroll through the park was refreshing with so many pine trees and cool air.

To return to the hotel we took the main street.  Along the way Bill noticed a gentleman with a curious gaze across the street.  Yikes!  A very furry snow monkey was on the ground between some buildings!  It quickly scaled the downspout and two stories up took off across the roof.  I headed back up the block to the next alley and back a ways saw him and two smaller ones on a roof.  They scampered away so we went around the buildings to the next alley.  There the three of them were sitting, two of them in a tree eating what was likely from a trash can.  They didn’t seem to mind us but suddenly took off and disappeared.  For me, it was the highlight of Nikko!