This past school year I came to the realization that stepping up our date to retire was a must do.  With the loving support of my husband we put our house on the market last September.  By the end of February we were under contract, though closing didn’t happen until the end of April.  All the contents of our house were sold to friends, donated to the YMCA Thrift Store, or went to auction (which is where the two unsold cars ended up). We rented a corporate apartment to finish out the school year.  A few days later my husband retired.   Two weeks later we began packing our clothing into two suitcases and got the international health certificate for our two aging cats so we could fly to Costa Rica for at least a year.  We have a furnished house to rent in a small village of 250 people near Mt. Chirripo.  This is a journal of our new lives.9213472127_faa8dc7a7a_o


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  1. Don McCale said:

    Please sign me up for your blog as I could not fined the subscribe section

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